Media Digital Invest is a pioneering growth accelerator founded by Abderrazak Yousfi, who is a prominent figure in Morocco's startup ecosystem. Our mission is to transform ambitious startups into success stories by accelerating their growth and commercialization. We focus on high-potential, disruptive startups in industries like Big-Data, FinTech, EdTech, Foodtech, Healthtech, AI, Blockchain, Metaverse, AR/VR, RetailTech, and IoT. Through a hands-on approach, our dedicated team of technology entrepreneurs and digital experts provide guidance and resources to nurture creative minds and visionary leaders, and our track record speaks for itself. With numerous success stories under our belt, we have already helped dozens of startups thrive and reach new heights. It is worth mentioning that Abderrazak Yousfi, our visionary founder, holds the distinction of making the first startup exit in Morocco.



IgniteX :
Sparking Your Startup Idea

Is a high-impact program designed to ignite your startup entrepreneurial journey and cultivate excellence. Through immersive workshops, expert mentorship, and rigorous idea validation, we empower your skills to unlock your full potential, develop a winning mindset, and set the stage for startup success.

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MomentumX :
Accelerate Your Growth Trajectory

Is an intensive program that fuels the momentum of early-stage startups, propelling them towards rapid growth and market domination. With personalized mentorship, strategic workshops, and access to a powerful network, we provide you with the tools and insights to accelerate your growth trajectory and achieve sustainable success.

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FundXcelerate :
Powering Your Funding Potential

Is a dynamic initiative that supercharges your funding potential and propels your startup towards investment success. Through curated pitch sessions, investor matchmaking, and expert guidance, we equip you with the skills and resources to secure funding, attract strategic partnerships, and realize your vision.

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ExpansionX :
Unleashing Global Market Penetration

Is a transformative program that empowers ambitious startups to expand their horizons and seize global market opportunities. With comprehensive market entry strategies, growth hacking techniques, and access to a global network, we help you unleash your potential, penetrate new markets, and achieve exponential growth.

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Empowering startups in the digital realm. An immersive hub for innovation workshops, seminars, and events. Connect with experts, gain valuable insights, and accelerate your growth. Network with like-minded entrepreneurs and access resources to fuel your success.



  • Our expertise lies in helping organizations navigate the complexities of the digital world and seize new opportunities. Whether you're a government entity, a large corporation, or an established organization, we can provide the guidance and support needed to set up and operate startup accelerators and digital hubs.
  • Our experienced team, comprised of digital experts and industry professionals, collaborates closely with our partners. We offer strategic insights, resources, and a hands-on approach to ensure the success of your startup programs and support the growth of the broader digital ecosystem.
  • At Media Digital Invest, we recognize the immense potential that collaboration between startups, governments, and corporations holds.
    By fostering an environment that encourages innovation, knowledge sharing, and entrepreneurship, we can collectively drive digital transformation and create a sustainable digital future.


Explore a selection of the multitude of success stories and testimonials from our Growth-Driven Partners, representing the remarkable feedback we receive.

Media Digital Invest's X Programs, FundXcelerate and ExpansionX, have been a game-changer for my startup. Thanks to their support, we've experienced remarkable growth and success. The expert guidance provided by Media Digital Invest in fundraising strategies and scaling our operations has positively impacted our journey.


CEO of

Partnering with Media Digital Invest has been a pivotal moment for YouCan. Their Knowledge Space has empowered our event planning, while networking with their diverse startup portfolio has opened exciting collaboration opportunities. Highly recommended for knowledge-driven events and networking with like-minded startups.


CEO of

MomentumX program has fueled my growth, which, in turn, catalyzed the growth of our company, StayHere. The invaluable resources, and networking opportunities surpassed our expectations. Yousfi's expert advice and mentorship have been pivotal in this achievement. Highly recommended for startups seeking to fast-track their expansion.

Mohammed LACHGAR

CMO of

Selected in the IgniteX program has been a transformative experience for Through the program, we received invaluable guidance and support in idea validation and developing a robust go-to-market strategy. The insights and expertise provided by Media Digital Invest have been instrumental in shaping our path to success. We are incredibly grateful for the program's impact on our entrepreneurial journey.


CEO of

Participating in FundXcelerate program has been an incredibly rewarding experience for MyTeam. The program's exceptional add value has provided me with a deep understanding of the fundraising mechanism and invaluable insights on how to navigate the process. I am truly grateful to Media Digital Invest for their support and highly recommend the program to any entrepreneur seeking to master the art of fundraising.


CEO of

Partnering with Media Digital Invest has been an incredibly valuable experience for Morocco.AI. The collaboration has provided us with tremendous opportunities to connect and network with the new generation of startups. We are highly satisfied with the immense value that Media Digital Invest has added to our partnership. Their expertise and support have been instrumental in driving our mission forward.

Salim CHEMLAL, Ph.D.

Co-Founder of Morocco.AI


Spark success with our team of catalysts who are dedicated to igniting your vision and driving growth. We are here to help you turn ideas into reality, accelerate your journey, and unlock your full potential.

Abderrazak Yousfi

Chief Executive Officer

Youssef Maaroufi

Chief Operating Officer

Redouane Bastajib

Head of X Programs

Tailored solutions for your unique needs

If you're looking for specialized coaching or assistance in launching a digital business or event, Media Digital Invest is here to help. If you're interested in joining our team or becoming a mentor in the digital ecosystem, we're more than happy to assist you. Contact us with your specific needs, and let's work together to achieve your goals.



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